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Tools for Insights

Powerful Insights On All Levels

  • Support a wide selection of specialised applications, including
    personal growth, eam-building, leadership development, sales
    training and recruitment.

  • Administered via a simple format that is both desktop and
    mobile-friendly, with an average completion time of only 12-15 minutes.

  • Fully integrated within the REACH Ecosystem, producing multiple
    reports from participants' responses without having to retake the survey.

Ready-to-use courseware library

  • 32 high impact courses, including a ‘Train The Trainer’ course

  • Includes content, activities, tools, leaner and participant
    manual – designed for adult learning

  • Covers courses under Core functional competencies, Customer facing skills, Communication mastery and Leadership

Integrates Style & Skills based elements of organizational engagement

Participants are surveyed regarding their outlook for the work of the organization, including

  • Net promoter likelihood

  • Enjoyment in the job

  • Respect for leadership

  • Impact of their team

  • Value offered by the organisation

  • Intention to remain in their role

  • Fully compatible with REACH framework and shares a common
    language with REACH Profiles and REACH 360.

  • Brings clarity to the topic of employee engagement.

  • Such integration promotes more consistent

Blends simplicity and innovation to multi-rater feedback

  • Reinforces positive leadership behaviours, and reveals hidden strengths and potential blind spots.

  • Its unique approach, integrating both personality style-based and
    skill-based measures,encourages meaningful self-reflection and
    targeted professional development.

  • Most raters will complete the REACH 360 in 3 minutes

  • REACH 360 provides a positive, aspirational report

  • As part of the REACH Ecosystem, REACH 360 is supported by
    specific training,development and coaching resources designed to
    promote measurable growth

Unique companion products only in the REACH Ecosystem

  • The REACH Coaches Companion based on the GROW model supports professional coaches and peer-to-peer coaching relationships.

  • The REACH Sales Development Companion helps in Sales team analysis and supports sales managers to improve performance of their team by working to their strengths..

  • The REACH Leadership Development Companion aids in Leadership team analysis. It helps leadership teams work to their strengths and identify potential risks to the organization

  • The REACH Trainer’s Companion provides new and experienced trainers with insights to facilitate outstanding learning experiences based on audience profiles

Insights on individualized Training needs and Recommendations

  • Automatic & instant analysis of Training Needs from any REACH Survey (REACH Profiles, 360's and Culture Surveys) .

  • Directly links to training and coaching resources needed

  • This improves the link between OrgDev and L&D for a more productive and collaborative partnership than ever before.

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Developing Leadership is the tangible purpose at Athena Compass Consulting. Through Executive Coaching, Skills Training & Business Consulting, we pursue developing leadership at individual, interpersonal and organizational levels.
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Adding value to recruitment and selection using both Scientific and Interpretive approaches is common practice and is a great use of psychometrics. However, the information provided in either approach should not be how decisions are made, interpreting a report as the decision-making tool would be considered misuse of the tool. There are many reasons why psychometric instruments should not be used as a decision-making tool.

Firstly, it describes a person’s most common natural style, it doesn’t mean they can’t or wouldn’t be able to perform well. Additionally, there are many aspects of a person beyond personality that are equally or more important.

For example, if your organization communicates in a particular language, and the candidate doesn’t speak or read that language, their natural style will be of very low importance compared to the language barrier. This is a simple example, however, there are always many other factors to consider than just personal style so these tools should always be used only as an additional piece of information.

Proper use of any psychometric tool is to provide the recruiter/interviewer with prompts to begin more explorative and purposeful interviewing to help make a more informed hiring decision – not to ‘make’ a decision.

Important Note: The information contained in REACH reports describes certain behavioral preferences and tendencies derived from the participants’ self-reporting. While such patterns of behavior tend to be consistent over time, these can change based on circumstances beyond the scope of what has been measured by this survey. Therefore, this information does not represent a comprehensive measure of psychological traits, nor does it claim to represent a prediction of future behavior. No part of this information is intended to convey a psychological, medical, or psychiatric evaluation, and in no way is this information intended to convey an evaluation of employability. This information is intended to provide insight that is useful in coaching, team-building, and other aspects of professional development and training. No employment decision should be made based, in whole or in part, on the results contained herein, and no indication of suitability for employment should be inferred or implied based on the REACH Survey.