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About us

Developing Leadership Is The Tangible Purpose That Drives Athena Compass Consulting. We Pursue Developing Leadership At Individual, Interpersonal And Organizational Levels.

Athena Compass Consulting Concentrates On Three Facets Of Leadership

Developing Leadership Is The Tangible Purpose That Drives Athena Compass Consulting. We Pursue Developing Leadership At Individual, Interpersonal And Organizational Levels.

Athena Compass Consulting Concentrates On Three Facets Of Leadership


Leadership inspires people and ignites the desire to achieve goals. Inspiration energizes for individuals, workgroups, organizations, and, in a larger sense, community as well.

Sustained Motivation

While inspiration can be short-lived, sustained motivation leads to achievement. It encompasses self-motivation, motivating peers and teams, influencing people around, persuading the clients to do business with you and, of course, contributing to the community around you for a cause.

Value Creation

The outcome of the other two facets would be positive and maximum when the leader is seen creating value for others and for the cause. Value creation extends over self, immediate people around them, the task itself, and the organization or the community.

People Development Through


Athena Compass Consulting is the India Partner for REACH Ecosystem – A comprehensive development platform through assessments. You get access to assessments, 360 survey, culture survey and a comprehensive collection of complete suite of training programs.

Skills Training

Foundation soft skills, interpersonal & role related skills build a well-rounded executive. Our training programs equip your executives with relevant skills for personal & business leadership.

Executive Coaching

Working one-to-one, our consultant engages the executive in an established & effective coaching process, helping them realize their potential & enhance performance through positive change.

Our Vision

To Help People Lead Fulfilling Lives!

Athena Compass Reckons Three Pillars as The Key Evidence of a Fulfilled Life.


Achieving one’s dreams and goals gives an early sense of fulfillment. Though often identified with materialistic pursuits, achievement is an essential part and an early index of attaining Fulfilment.


Apart from the results of achievement, emotional connect with the task & enjoyment of the path taken to achievement is equally important: The X-factor to fulfillment is the enjoyment that people experience with achievement & the means engaged for achievement.


During the progression of career and life, one passes through several milestones. At every milestone what value one leaves behind for others is important. When one is appreciated and remembered for the value they had left behind, it leads to fulfillment.

All The Streams Of Services At Athena Compass Would Incorporate Achievement Orientation, Enjoyment Quotient & Legacy Creation.

Our Mission

To Become An Acclaimed Resource To Develop Leadership For Individuals And Organizations.

The major beneficiaries of one’s leadership are the self, the immediate team & other stakeholders around, and the organization itself. Different skills are demanded at each of these levels.

Individual Leadership

A practising or an aspiring leader needs to possess several essential building block skills such as self awareness, self-management, goal setting, tenacity with a positive attitude and winning with a personal presence.

Interpersonal Leadership

Successful leaders achieve results by leading and developing their teams purposefully; They leverage their peers, upper management and others. Interpersonal skills, formal managerial skills, influencing skills, etc. are demanded at this stage.

Organisational Leadership

Building a leadership position for one’s organization, be it a department in a large setup or one’s own enterprise, is certainly a legacy that leader can leave behind. Business & organizational history remember the people who leave such lasting organizations as their legacy to stakeholders.

Athena Compass Programs & Solutions In Coaching, Training, & Consulting Streams Are Aimed At Developing Leadership At All The Above Levels, Focusing On Appropriate Skills.

Our Values


Athena Compass is committed to the goals of engagement with the client. The recommendations would be in the best interests of the agreed goal.


At Athena Compass, commitment given will be honored. Clients can depend upon Athena Compass for quality, quantity, and timeliness of deliverables as agreed.


Achieving things in the best possible manner & delivering superior value is a stepping stone towards fulfillment. Athena Compass strives for excellence in their interactions & quality of work.

What Clients Say

Baskar C

The Team game on Problem Solving was highly absorbing. The way the game was played kept us on our toes as in real work life. At the end of the game, when we looked back, we could really see the gaps in our behaviors & approach to solving business problems. I certainly would apply the learnings from this program in my job situations.

A Training Program Participant

Sankar B

I have found your advice and recommendations always in the best interests of our company – they were upfront and the right thing to do at that time. The rigorous analytical approach with the field sensitivity is very effective for our decision making.

Consulting Client

Ambika M

I would like to reiterate that my experience with the coaching session has been fruitful. It was at a critical decision point on my career. The sessions helped me realise that all my inhibitions were just in my head. The way that you made me rethink about my own rigid opinions is what I felt is the most significant factor.

Coaching Client

Our Assets

Athena Compass draws its strength to achieve its Mission and pursue its Vision from the foundations
of its Principal Consultant:
  • Insights And Wisdom Gained From.
    • 26 Years Of Working Career In Professional Organizations.
    • Over 15 Years Of Experience In The Design, Development, And Delivery Of Training Programs.
    • Hands-On Consulting Assignments.
  • Homegrown Techniques That Have Been Effective In Nudging People For Behavior Change (As Opposed To Knowledge Acquisition) In All Its Programs-Coaching, Training And Consulting
Types Of Industries Worked With
  • IT Services Major
  • Life Sciences Major (PSU)
  • Power Transmission And Distribution Equipment Major
  • Specialized Engineering Corporation
  • Healthcare Lab Services
  • Management Institute-Business School
  • Multi-Divisional And Air Conditioning Major
  • Retail Businesses In High-Value Durables And Capital Goods
About ReachAthena Compass
Developing Leadership is the tangible purpose at Athena Compass Consulting. Through Executive Coaching, Skills Training & Business Consulting, we pursue developing leadership at individual, interpersonal and organizational levels.
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Adding value to recruitment and selection using both Scientific and Interpretive approaches is common practice and is a great use of psychometrics. However, the information provided in either approach should not be how decisions are made, interpreting a report as the decision-making tool would be considered misuse of the tool. There are many reasons why psychometric instruments should not be used as a decision-making tool.

Firstly, it describes a person’s most common natural style, it doesn’t mean they can’t or wouldn’t be able to perform well. Additionally, there are many aspects of a person beyond personality that are equally or more important.

For example, if your organization communicates in a particular language, and the candidate doesn’t speak or read that language, their natural style will be of very low importance compared to the language barrier. This is a simple example, however, there are always many other factors to consider than just personal style so these tools should always be used only as an additional piece of information.

Proper use of any psychometric tool is to provide the recruiter/interviewer with prompts to begin more explorative and purposeful interviewing to help make a more informed hiring decision – not to ‘make’ a decision.

Important Note: The information contained in REACH reports describes certain behavioral preferences and tendencies derived from the participants’ self-reporting. While such patterns of behavior tend to be consistent over time, these can change based on circumstances beyond the scope of what has been measured by this survey. Therefore, this information does not represent a comprehensive measure of psychological traits, nor does it claim to represent a prediction of future behavior. No part of this information is intended to convey a psychological, medical, or psychiatric evaluation, and in no way is this information intended to convey an evaluation of employability. This information is intended to provide insight that is useful in coaching, team-building, and other aspects of professional development and training. No employment decision should be made based, in whole or in part, on the results contained herein, and no indication of suitability for employment should be inferred or implied based on the REACH Survey.