Raffles International College
China, Beijing

Raffles-BICT International College is registered with the Ministry of Education and approved by the Beijing Municipal Department of Education as an institute of higher learning. Since its establishment in 1997, the college has expanded rapidly, offering courses in eight professional disciplines with the support of 100 local and foreign staff.

Raffles-BICT has built up a strong capability and reputation in offering innovative design and business courses that meet the demands of the creative industries and multinational corporations. The college’s focus on practical knowledge and fluency in English enable students to work effectively in an international business environment upon graduation.

Centrally located in Chao Yang District of Beijing, the campus is in close proximity to a large number of cultural facilities and historic sites, such as the Capital Library and the scenic Yuan Dynasty Yuan Da Du Gardens.


Raffles International College
China, Changchun

Raffles-C.U. International College (RCU) is a joint collaboration between Singapore’s Raffles Design Institute and ChangChun University, Jilin China.

The college is situated within the campus of ChangChun University, and is located in the heart of the attractive capital City, namely ChangChun City of Jilin Province, one of the famous North Eastern Province of China.

Founded in 1999 and approved by the Jilin’s Ministry of Education, Raffles Changchun currently offers four Diploma programmes in Business Administration, Interactive Media Design, Graphic Design and Product Design. The college adopts the proven teaching methodologies of Multiple Intelligence-Problem Based Learning approach (MI-PBL) to impart skills and knowledge to students. The college’s international faculty are professionals in their respective fields with many years of practical industry experience. All courses are conducted in English.
Over the decade, Raffles Changchun has had a very good reputation for being the “The Harvard of DongBei”, committed to nurturing creative & young entrepreneurs in the North Eastern region of China.


Raffles International College
China, Changzhou

Raffles Changzhou International College was the 12th college set up by RafflesEducationCorp in the Asia-Pacific region. The curriculum and teaching pedagogy mirrors that adopted by many Commonwealth countries and is modeled after the main college’s curriculum setup.
Apart from the foundational classes taught by local lecturers, lessons are conducted in English by foreign lecturers. First-year students receive additional scaffolding with teaching assistants providing translations to minimize language barriers and aid their learning experience.
The supportive environment not only allows students to build up their confidence and proficiency in English but also promotes interaction and cross-cultural exchange.
Raffles Changzhou International College is located within the Changzhou University Park, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The staff shares the college’s vision of building the best future possible for all Raffles students.


Raffles Design Institute
China, Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province, and the centre of its political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural development. Guangzhou is also the 3rd largest city in China and host city for the recent 2010 16th Asian Games. Raffles Design Institute, Guangzhou was established in 2002 and ratified by the Guangzhou Government and Guangzhou Bureau of Education. It is also the first full-time Higher Education Institute where all courses are conducting in English by foreign lecturers in Guangdong Province.
Over the years, the College has created a unique learning environment and has committed to deliver high quality education in the field of design and business management. Located at the heart of Huan Shi Zhong Lu’s shopping district and near to Guangzhou’s most remarkable historical spot – Yue Xiu Park, the College’s convenient central location and designer interior space with state-of-the-art facilities make studying at the Guangzhou campus an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Raffles International College
China, Hongkong

Raffles International College, Hong Kong advocates life-long learning and constantly strives to meet the changing and diverse needs of the Hong Kong community. Located in the central business district of Wanchai and just five minutes’ walk away from a MTR station, the campus is highly accessible.
The college’s programmes are registered with the Hong Kong Education Department under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance and is a registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau.
Hong Kong balances a modernised way of life with traditional Chinese practices. It is frequently described as a place where “East meets West”, reflecting the culture’s mix of the territory’s Chinese roots with influences from its time as a British colony. The Hong Kong Government is a strong supporter of education, the arts and design, supporting cultural institutions such as the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


Oriental University City
China, Langfang

RafflesEducationCorp owns and operates Oriental University City (OUC), providing education services to the 9 schools located on the campus. Located in Langfang City, Hebei, China, OUC is approximately 50km away from Beijing.

The 3.31 million square metre self-contained campus houses nine leading universities and colleges with a student population of over 27,000. Notable education institutions include the Peking University & Founder Software Technology Institute, Langfang HuaHang Aviation School, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Oriental Institute as well as the Legal Research Institute of the China Social Sciences Institute.

The Group has established its PES college – Oriental Training Institute and NES college – Oriental Institute of Technology at OUC. Higher education and auxiliary education services will be incorporated into the OUC business model to establish it as a tertiary vocational and technical education campus.

This extension in business model allows OUC to meet the strong and increasing demand in China for highly skilled employees with professional qualifications.



Raffles Design Institute
China, Ningbo

Raffles Design Institute, Ningbo aims to nurture internationally-recognised, top-class management and design professionals. It offers diploma programmes in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Design, Visual Communication (Graphic Design), Multimedia Design and Business Administration.

Students of Raffles Design Institute, Ningbo will be awarded with double qualifications upon graduation – a diploma accredited by China’s Education authorities and an internationally-recognised diploma awarded by Raffles College of Higher Education. Graduates may also choose to further their studies at any of the 39 colleges within the Raffles’ network.


Raffles Design Institute
China, Shanghai

Established in 1994, Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai – a collaboration between Raffles Design Institute, Singapore and Dong Hua University, China, enjoys pioneer status as one of the earliest approved Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Schools in Shanghai, China.

Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai is located within the campus of Dong Hua University, one of the most prestigious top-ranking universities in China. The college enrolled its first intake of students in March 1995 and has seen a rapid rise in student population to more than 3000 today.

Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai is committed to nurture creative talents and design management expertise for the arts and design industry and has built up strong reputation for producing the most talented young designers and creative professionals in the region.


Tianjin University of Commerce Boustead College
China, Tianjin

Tianjin University of Commerce Boustead College, was officiated on October 2002 and offers higher education and skills training programmes that lead to nationally-recognised and internationally-recognised tertiary qualifications. Boustead College also offers degree programmes in Business Administration, Computer Science & Information Technology and Literature & Arts. Boustead College has a well-located state-of-the-art campus that provides facilities to students from living quarters to sporting fields from technical laboratories to a comprehensive library.


Raffles Design Institute
China, Tianjin

Tianjin is China’s third largest city, a municipality city with a population of 11.76 million. The city is a major commercial and industrial centre as well as the biggest port in northern China. Tianjin is best known for its street scene of colonial buildings, a residue of its status as a Treaty Port after 1858. Raffles Design Institute, Tianjin is a joint-project by Tianjin University of Commerce Boustead College and Raffles Design Institute, Singapore.

It is situated in Tianjin University of Commerce Boustead College campus. The college was set up in September 2008 and licensed under the Tianjin Education Bureau. At Raffles Design Institute, Tianjin, the student experience is unlike any other university or college. Within the college itself, students have access to all of the advantages of a large university including a wide range of subject matter, events and activities, field trips, sports, and a national reputation for excellence.


Raffles Design Institute
China, Wuhan

RafflesEducationCorp, together with Wuhan University of Science and Engineering founded the Raffles Design Institute, Wuhan. The Institute, approved by Hubei Education Department, is based in Wuhan University of Science and Engineering. The college’s learning environment is characterised by the promotion of enterprise and working links within the industry and other working professionals. Vocational outcomes and employability of students are emphasized as are creative and analytical approaches that encourage individual judgment and self-awareness.

Raffles Design Institute, Wuhan’s programmes includes industry placement of students, giving them the opportunity to work on projects that enhance their experience and portfolios. During their work attachments, students establish networks with companies that often become their future employers.